Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dear sister, This should definitely be a thing again, Its been too long. Miss you xxx

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Water

Here is a pretty pretty song, by two lovely singers, Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling. Both of who I saw at Green Man this year, not together, but equally as beautiful by themselves...

Also Johnny Flynn is rather dishy!

More pretty and inspiring things coming soon!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Clothe me!

Hi long lost blog!

So it's a new year, and a new start for me. I'm looking forward to when I have my normal body back so I can wear pretty and inspiring clothes again. Here are some high street beauts that have caught my eye:

That's all for now! Lets start posting again!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Oh I feel ever so sorry for this little blog. We never post here, and perhaps we should. Sarie you could post me interesting things you find on the internet, since I'm not very good at looking and finding things!

Vic you can post some more ideas about making things!

I don't really know what I can post, but it makes me sad that we don't use this anymore!

I want to see more pictures of what you are doing, and updates, since you are so demanding of me!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010



I recently decided to start a 365 photo a day project, seeing as I have not really done much in the past to document my days and my life in Barcelona...
I recently got a very shiny new iphone, which allows me to take photos easily. Oh and the hipstamatic app is a dream, every photo is all nice and tinged and pretty.
I have just completed 2 weeks of phototaking, so I'd thought I would document on here.
1st day puppy love of course
Bike to work, home, to work and then home again. Repeat x5
Bird watching whilst dog walking!
My lovely new shoes walked to el cine tonight to view toystory3 in 3d. A nice Sunday lunch was also had!
Sick day today, pup is being mr nursey!
I take the same route home daily, always keeping my eyes open for treasure and today I found this!!
Sisters here, falafel and doggy walks..
Lactuca day avec the sister!!
Fiesta time, being totally inspired by old shabby White interiors. Mojitos and pizza were consumed on this fine night!!
Hot hot day, swimming pool and family fun. The best way to cool off is a quick dip in the pool with some watermelon after!!
amazing day at the lake, picnic and friends! Lovely!
50's diner, ate too much ah!
Shopping with visitors, pretty pretty shopettes
Sister, Sally and Sarie (me!) on the metro... destination LACTUCA (and Oysho!)

I think you should do one too! WOuld be amazing to see your day to day lives again and compare them to mine... All the changes and amazing things!

Sarie xxx

Saturday, July 17, 2010



I've started a new blog, well two. One is professional (ha!) one is a bit more personal, if you know what I mean..

tell all your friends innit!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Last night i had the strangest dream

Well indeed last night I did have the strangest dream, so strange infact, that I thought it fitting to share with you.

I had a dream about babies, about my baby. It was a she, of course. We were all hanging out, watching home videos, of us when we were children, but the baby was in them too. Also we were looking at pictures drawn by my baby. I think at one point we went to that big park that we used to go to in Essex somewhere, i forget the name. At this park the baby became a dog, and I couldn't tell the different between the baby and Came.

Then the baby became as small as a thunder bug, and Sarie was trying to convince me that's what baby Martina had looked like when she came out, which was not very reassuring.

I also dreamt that the baby was normal and lovely, and I couldn't stop cuddling and kissing her. It felt nice.

Lots of other strange things happened, like being at a dinner party with lots of rude annoying Americans, and i had a go at the lot of them (i think this is from watching celebrity come dine with me last night, which had Janice Dickinson on it, and she is well annoying, rude and american) Also I got upset because Rob had removed our 'in a relationship' thing from facebook, and then he went away somewhere for ages and came back with these big letters that were remote controlled to move and dance and light up. This is after we played an impromptu game of rugby of course.

Anyway, those were the delights on my Thursday night dreaming.

p.s oh i have a date with the NHS on tuesday at 2pm...Finally!

p.p.s I don't really think all American people are rude and annoying, just to clarify. It was just the ones in my dream, and it wasn't just because they were american. sozza!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dear sisters

What with all these weird wonderfull things going on at the moment, i think we should start a posting more!! Scabbers very well done on posting so far...i want you to document EVERYTHING!!! Typing on the iphone so i will keep this shortnsweet. I miss you both terribly and think you should both come over and frolic in the sun! I want to see lots of summertime posts from now on.... Xxxxxx

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kiss me on the cheek

Some recent Holga captured adventuring in a surprisingly hot and sunny Wales (and some from my little trip to Canterbury)

On Sunday myself and Rob went on an adventure to find some outdoor wild swimming...and we found the most perfect little beautiful spot and had a picnic and a little swim..

Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Peachey

hello little blogette!

I thought I would share with you the wonderful talents and delights of my dear my friend Llio's fashion designs..

I really love all of her designs, and the fabrics, and colours!

The pictures above are from her second year collection, which are beautiful, and which I love to caress..

For her final collection the idea behind it was the Welsh word Hiraeth, that doesn't directly translate to English but means something along the lines of :

desire for what is Welsh:
longing or nostalgia, especially for things Welsh

And as Llio is from the seaside, (Swansea), she made her collection based around inspiration from that landscape and the water. For instance, fish hook jackets, scaly ruffles, aluminum fish scale shrugs and other wonders..

anyway I hope you enjoy it! here is the link to the flickr site:

photographs by jocelyn allen: Designer: Llio Peachey Model: Sarah Williams